All.go.rhythm: Communities of Practice


Saturday, October 3, 2015, 2:00–5:00 pm

The artists in all.go.rhythm developed their work in the context of various communities: schools, universities, professional organizations, commercial and independent galleries, and networks of friends and colleagues. The symposium will discuss the origins and development of computer-mediated algorithmic art and the work of the artists exhibiting in all.go.rhythm in the context of the many communities that supported (or thwarted) algorithmic art/digital art/new media art. We are particularly interested in the how non-artists contributed to these communities and influenced the work of the artists, and in how artists and non-artists enabled systems of exhibition and distribution for experiencing the artists’ work.


2:00 pm   Opening remarks, Paul Hertz

2:10 pm   Presentation, Grant Taylor

2:30 pm   Presentation, Debora Wood

2:50 pm   Presentation, Paul Hertz


3:10 pm   Break


3:30 pm   Round Table with artists Colette Bangert, Jean-Pierre Hébert, Paul Hertz, and Roman Verostko, and authors Grant Taylor and Debora Wood, moderated by Grant Taylor

4:30 pm   Open discussion

4:50 pm   Closing remarks, Paul Hertz

Event is sponsored by
Carl & Marilynn Thoma Art Foundation