Christ | Jurij Solovij

1961 | Painting

JURIJ SOLOVIJ b. 1921 in Lviv, Ukraine d. 2007 in Rutherford, New Jersey, USA Jurij Solovij graduated from the Lviv School of Arts and Crafts…read more


Venus of North Avenue Beach | Tom Palazzolo

1960 | Photograph

TOM PALAZZOLO b. 1937 in St. Louis, Missouri, USA Tom Palazzolo attended the School of the Art Institute where he studied photography and painting and…read more

Woman Seated

Woman Seated | Gregor Kruk

1967 | Sculpture

GREGOR KRUK b. 1911 in Bratyshiv, Ukraine d. 1988 in Munich, Germany Gregor Kruk is a sculptor widely recognized throughout the European art world. He…read more


Untitled | Peter Kolisnyk

1965 | Painting

PETER KOLISNYK b. 1934 Toronto, Ontario, Canada d. 2009 Toronto, Ontario, Canada Peter Kolisnyk is an artist of Ukrainian descent. He was a member of…read more


Bornba | Alexander Hunenko

1965 | Sculpture

ALEXANDER HUNENKO b. 1937 in Romanivka, Ukraine Alexander Hunenko was a refugee after World War II, living in Austrian camps. In 1950, he immigrated to…read more