Accordion | Volodymyr Strelnikov

1986 | Painting

VOLODYMYR STRELNIKOV b. 1939 in Odessa, Ukraine Strelnikov was born in 1939 in Odessa, Ukrainian SSR, and studied at the local art academy. He is…read more


Femme en Ecstase | Anton Solomoukha

1985 | Painting

ANTON SOLOMOUKHA b. 1945 in Kyiv, Ukraine Anton Solomoukha attended the Faculty for the Restoration of Icons program in the Kyiv School of Fine Art;…read more


Leda and Swan | Yevhen Prokopov

1985 | Sculpture

YEVHEN PROKOPOV b. 1950 in Kyiv, Ukraine Yevhen Prokopov is known for his dynamic use of color and texture, these two elements combining to create…read more


Mes Larmes | Volodymyr Makarenko

1982 | Painting

VOLODYMYR MAKARENKO b. 1943 in Novo-Pushkarivka, Ukraine Volodymir Makarenko studied at the Art School of Dnipropetrovsk and the Mukhina Institute of Applied Arts in Leningrad,…read more


The Blue Madonna | Andrij Kowalenko

1985 | Sculpture

ANDRIJ KOWALENKO b. 1913 in Zaporizhia, Ukraine d. 1989 in Chicago, Illinois, USA Andrij Kowalenko began exploring art as a child. He excelled in drawing…read more


Untitled | Michiko Itatani

1981 | Painting

MICHIKO ITATANI b. 1948 in Kobe, Japan Michiko Itatani has exhibited in over a hundred solo and group shows since 1973. Public and private collections…read more


Hybrid | Richard Hunt

1986 | Print

RICHARD HUNT b. 1935 in Chicago, Illinois, USA Richard Hunt is an internationally renowned sculptor. His mother was an artist, inspiring him and leading him…read more


Untitled | Robert Hrynkiw

1981 | Painting

ROBERT HRYNKIW b. 1940 in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, USA d. 1988 in Texas, USA Robert Hrynkiw studied at the Art Students League of New York City,…read more


Metamorphosis | Alexandra Diachenko Kochman

1984 | Sculpture

ALEXANDRA DIACHENKO KOCHMAN b. 1933 in Horlivka, Ukraine Although Diachenko Kochman is primarily known for her clay sculpture, she initially trained as a painter while…read more


Untitled | Vasyl Bazhay

1984 | Painting

VASYL BAZHAY b. 1950 in Lviv, Ukraine Vasyl Bazhay is recognized as one of Ukraine’s most expressive painters, as well as a master of plastic…read more