Distinguished Speakers Series: Marci Shore

Saturday, 1/20/18, 6pm

Marci Shore: A Lyrical Look at Maidan Revolution
Book presentation at the Ukrainian Institute of Modern Art
$15 Admission, $5 students, buy in advance here

Marci Shore, professor of intellectual history at Yale University, has been studying Eastern Europe for 20 years, and has written compelling books based on her encounters with the territory: as an undergraduate, as a teacher, as a Jew trying to make sense of post-Holocaust Poland, and as a researcher tracking down documents and survivors of Stalinism everywhere from Warsaw to Jerusalem to New York. At UIMA, Ms. Shore will present her newest book The Ukrainian Night: An Intimate History of Revolution. While the uprising on the Maidan is often discussed through the lens of geopolitics, Ms. Shore aims to evoke the human face of the revolution, grounding her book on the true stories of activists, soldiers, parents and children taking part in the Maidan protests.