Dissecting Signifiers

Opening Reception: Friday, August 12, 6-9pm

August 12 – October 2, 2016

The Ukrainian Institute of Modern Art is pleased to present “Dissecting Signifiers,” a group show curated by artist Eric Gushee investigating the signs, symbols, and icons that are present in our everyday experiences. The show presents and indexes the variety of ways one interprets and reinterprets the everyday objects and imagery of the visual language we are exposed to in our environment.

Man-made objects from the urban landscape are the basis for LA-based artist Salvador Dominguez‘s practice, as he recreates paraphernalia like manhole covers and rearview mirrors through making processes that recall experiences of blue-collar labor. Chicago-based artist Jason Hawk too uses masterful fabrication techniques in his work, here presenting an “archaeological” installation of cast objects from everyday life cascading from a hole in the gallery wall. From Chicago’s graffiti and skateboarding scene, Chris Silva creates complex assemblages of found and crafted objects, using the gritty, graphic characteristics of street art in works that trigger intuitive responses. Turkey-born, Chicago-based artist Asli Uludag sources materials and objects from different geographical locations, creating narrative sculptures that unite notions of history, conflict and humanity.

The artists selected for this show extrapolate meaning from dissecting visual language – implementing it in their art as tools for creating allegories, to reflect on personal experience, voice political opinions, and even constructing new worlds from the remains of this one.

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Chornobyl – Artists Respond

On the occasion of the disaster’s 30th anniversary, the Ukrainian Institute of Modern Art has commissioned a fine art print portfolio project and exhibition entitled, “Chornobyl – Artists Respond.”

UIMA invited 30 Chicago artists to participate in this project, each artist creating an edition of 40 original prints for the portfolio in remembrance of the event. The artists, who come from different cultural backgrounds, approached this project from unique perspectives, reflecting on their individual experiences and knowledge of the Chornobyl disaster. The completed prints feature a range of themes, from scenes of the Chornobyl accident and its aftermath, to commentary on its current state, and its correlation to other nuclear accidents. Just as varied as the artists’ points of view are the techniques with which they chose to create their prints, from the traditional media of screenprints, etchings and lithographs, to more unconventional methods incorporating natural and non-art materials.

While this portfolio is composed of a multitude of voices and perspectives, they are all united in remembrance. Though Chornobyl was 30 years ago, it is clear that the disaster and its memory
are just as potent today.

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Featured image:
Angee Lennard
Chornobyl Tour®, 2015
15 x 11 in.