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Improvised Music Extravaganza

Volcano Radar quartet and guests

Friday, August 22nd 2014, 7pm to 10pm

This performance will feature the Chicago based Volcano Radar quartet, with Chicago musician, composer, Elbio Barilari on electric guitar and viola, Julia Miller on synthesized guitar, Harrison Bankhead on double bass and cello and Avreeayl Ra on drumset. Visual artist Lewis Achenbach will document the performance in real time.

Volcano Radar features Elbio Barilari on electric guitar and electric viola, Julia Miller on synthesized guitar, Harrison Bankhead on double bass and cello and Avreeayl Ra on drum set, percussion and flutes. This quartet have been active for over 2 years, and has featured in venues such as the Empty Bottle, the Hungry Brain, the Hide Out, the Elastic Foundation, the Comfort Station, the Northwestern University Kellog’s School of Business, University of Illinois at Chicago, St. Francis University, the Chicago Public Library, etc. Please visit their website at:

Guest musicians will be well known improvisers such as multi-reedist Edward Wilkerson, bassist Rollo Radford, clarinetist Guillermo Gregorio and pianist Andy Cohn. Additional guests will be announced soon.

Visual artist Lewis Achenbach and several of the participating musicians collaborated previously on the Jazz Occurrence project and also many of them are featured in Achenbach’s collection of drawings “Hear This Book”, recently released. Their website:

For many decades Chicago has been the world capital of improvised music. This music comes mainly from two sources:
-improvised contemporary or “experimental” music in the European tradition
-music coming from the tradition of free-jazz, with huge names such as Sun-Ra and the Art Ensemble of Chicago, that put this city in the forefront of improvised music during the 60’s and 70’s.

The audience is young, well-educated and cosmopolitan, open to new experiences and challenges. The goal is to connect improvisers from all tendencies and from all Chicago areas with this receptive audience in a friendly and artistic venue. The Ukrainian Institute of Modern Art, already well known for presenting modern art and contemporary music offers the perfect environment for an event such as this one.
Tickets are $10 for this event.