Untitled | Mychajlo Urban

1974 | Sculpture

MYCHAJLO URBAN b. 1928 in Luka, Ukraine Mychajlo Urban studied at the University of Illinois, the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, the University…read more


Relief No. 28 | Jurij Strutynsky

1979 | Sculpture

JURIJ STRUTYNSKY b. 1951 in Chicago, Illinois, USA Jurij Strutynsky earned a bachelor’s degree in the history of architecture and art in 1973 from the…read more


Leda and Swan | Yevhen Prokopov

1985 | Sculpture

YEVHEN PROKOPOV b. 1950 in Kyiv, Ukraine Yevhen Prokopov is known for his dynamic use of color and texture, these two elements combining to create…read more


A Pair | Aka Pereyma

1994 | Sculpture

AKA PEREYMA b. 1927 in Siedlice, Poland Aka Pereyma was raised in Poland and relocated to Ukraine with her parents in 1940. In 1944, Pereyma…read more


Harvest | Antin Pavlos

1953 | Sculpture

ANTIN PAVLOS b. 1905 in Hostynne, Ukraine d. 1954 St. Paul, Minnesota, USA Antin Pavlos is a 1935 graduate of the Applied Arts School, Lviv,…read more

Woman Seated

Woman Seated | Gregor Kruk

1967 | Sculpture

GREGOR KRUK b. 1911 in Bratyshiv, Ukraine d. 1988 in Munich, Germany Gregor Kruk is a sculptor widely recognized throughout the European art world. He…read more


The Blue Madonna | Andrij Kowalenko

1985 | Sculpture

ANDRIJ KOWALENKO b. 1913 in Zaporizhia, Ukraine d. 1989 in Chicago, Illinois, USA Andrij Kowalenko began exploring art as a child. He excelled in drawing…read more


Relief Structure (Winged Form Series) | Ron Kostyniuk

1970 | Sculpture

RON KOSTYNIUK b. 1941 in Wakaw, Saskatchewan, Canada Ron Kostyniuk is an artist of Ukrainian descent. He began his university studies in 1959 graduating with…read more


Bornba | Alexander Hunenko

1965 | Sculpture

ALEXANDER HUNENKO b. 1937 in Romanivka, Ukraine Alexander Hunenko was a refugee after World War II, living in Austrian camps. In 1950, he immigrated to…read more


Metamorphosis | Alexandra Diachenko Kochman

1984 | Sculpture

ALEXANDRA DIACHENKO KOCHMAN b. 1933 in Horlivka, Ukraine Although Diachenko Kochman is primarily known for her clay sculpture, she initially trained as a painter while…read more

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