Tapestry, wool weft, cotton warp 119” x 48” Promised gift of the artist

Luke 1:35 | Lialia Kuchma

2000 | Tapestry

LIALIA KUCHMA b. 1943 in Pidhaytsi, Ukraine Lialia Kuchma was born in Ukraine and raised in Chicago, IL, amidst two dissonant cultures: Ukrainian traditions and…read more


Untitled | Volodymyra Hankevych

1995 | Tapestry

VOLODYMYRA HANKEVYCH b. 1955 in Karaganda, Kazakhstan Volodymyra Hankevych studied at the Textile Department of Lviv Academy of Arts. She is a member of the…read more


A Kiss and the Bird | Olga Antonenko

1991 | Tapestry

OLGA ANTONENKO b. 1963 in Kyiv, Ukraine Olga Antonenko graduated from the Kyiv Architectural, Civil Construction and Engineering Institute in 1986. She has participated in…read more