Student Workshops held at the UIMA

Student Workshops held at the Ukrainian Institute of Modern Art

Saturday October 19th and 26th

 Organized by the educational committee of the Ukraine Genocide Famine Foundation, students of Ridna Shkola (Ukrainian Studies Saturday classes) Chicago and suburban regions, were introduced to the current UIMA exhibit “Artists Respond to Genocide”

The exhibit has a twofold aim: to commemorate the 80th Anniversary of Ukraine’s Holodomor Famine Genocide 1932-1933, and to explore the aftereffects of genocide universally.

Global consciousness, individual awareness, social activism, and education are some measures that act as reminders and memorialize atrocities that continue to prevail globally.

Luba Markewych, UIMA Board Member, moderated both workshop sessions and engaged students by assigning them exhibited artwork, and instructing them to submit their personal observations and comments in writing to their respective classroom teachers.

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