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Film by Oleksandr Fraze-Frazenko

Saturday, November 19, 2016 at 7pm

A film screening premiere of “An Aquarium in the Sea: The Story of New York Group of Poets,” by Oleksandr Fraze-Frazenko.

The film ‘An Aquarium in the Sea: The Story of New York Group of Poets’ is a portrait of a unique group of poets who immigrated to the US in 1950s, and in the midst of an English-speaking world attempted to not only preserve their Ukrainian culture, but raise it to world literary standards.

Already in the 50s our literature was well known in New York – the capital of the world having emerged along with Beats and other literary phenomena. Why haven’t we known this before? Or maybe we didn’t want to know,’ said Oleksandr Fraze-Frazenko, film director. Fraze-Frazenko is a Ukrainian film director, poet, translator, musician and co-founder of OFF Laboratory Production Studio. Fraze-Frazenko is known for his documentaries about Ukrainian artists. He has spent his entire life in Lviv, Ukraine.

In the mid 20th century, with the emergence of the Soviet Union, the Ukrainian cultural elite was faced with a tough choice: to escape and preserve their national identity or remain and assimilate into the Soviet space in physical or metaphysical exile. New The York Group poets were young Ukrainian refugees placed in displaced persons camps across Europe during and after WW! Raised to appreciated the achievements of Western civilization, these poets have cultivated Ukrainian modernistic poetry, which brought Ukrainian literature onto the world stage. Yet in Ukraine, they are still relatively unknown.

‘An Aquarium in the Sea: The Story of New York Group of Poets’ examines a unique literary phenomenon, introducing Ukraine’s literary achievements to the world and edifies Ukrainians everywhere by deepening their appreciation of their robust literary heritage.

Appearing in the film are: Bohdan Boychuk, Bohdan Rubchak, Jurij Tarnawsky, Zhenya Vasylkivska, Emma Andijewska, Oleh Kowerko, Yuri Kolomeyets, Maria Rewakowicz; as well as George Grabowicz, Titus Hewryk, Yuri Andrukhovych, Viktor Neborak, Vasyl Makhno, Andriy Drozda, and others.

Admission $10

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Later Event: December 2