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Art Design Chicago Neighborhood Day: Lialia Kuchma

Saturday, May 12, 12 – 5pm at the National Museum of Mexican Art


For Art Design Chicago Neighborhood Day, UIMA presents a contemporary fiber arts demonstration with Ukrainian-American, Chicago-based artist Lialia Kuchma. The artist has been integrally involved with the Ukrainian Institute of Modern Art since before its founding in 1971, and continues to be an active leader in the artistic programming of the museum. Kuchma is also featured largely in UIMA's ADC projects, "The First Lions," a documentary film about the museum's founding and trajectory within Chicago's art history, and the exhibition, "LIONS: Founding Years of UIMA in Chicago," which will open in August 2018.

Kuchma will be creating a small-scale tapestry at Art Design Chicago Neighborhood Day on a portable 28" x 40" loom. This particular tapestry is also linked to Kuchma's printmaking practice, and so her original etching will be on display, as well as the "cartoon" behind the warp that illustrates what the final product will look like. Visitors will be able to watch as Kuchma weaves from the reverse side, using tabby: an over-and-under weave.


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