August 9 – September 29, 2013

In 1937 the Chicago Association of Art and Industry invited László Moholy-Nagy to head what was to be called the New Bauhaus, four years after the Bauhaus in Berlin was dissolved in 1933 under National Socialist pressure. László Moholy-Nagy had been a Bauhaus Master from 1923-1928 in Weimar and Dessau. His teaching as well as his own diverse creative work, were characterized by a unique innovative and experimental approach to the arts.

The exhibit will showcase art and design by students of Moholy-Nagy’s schools from 1937-1955: the New Bauhaus, School of Design in Chicago and Institute of Design – with special emphasis on the Foundation Course exercises. In addition, life work of both teachers and students will be shown, from 1937 to the present.

Representing more than sixty individuals, the vast majority of the exhibit is work that has never before been seen. Material has been provided through the generous loans from private collections, in addition to work from the UIMA permanent collection and the Bauhaus Chicago Committee Archive & Collection.

This exhibit is organized in partnership with T. Paul Young and the Bauhaus Chicago committee NFP.

Photographic image: Art Sinsabaugh, Portrait Series: Eye, 1948
Courtesy of the Art Sinsabaugh Archive, Indiana University Art Museum

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Artists & Designers in the Chicago’s Bauhaus Legacy exhibition:


Harold Allen
Dori (Hahn) Altschuler
Franz Altschuler
Alexander Archipenko
Gunther Aron
Edward Balchowsky
Morris Barazani
BARWA chair, Edgar Bartolucci & Jack Waldheim
Harry Callahan
Edward Caputo
Ivan Chermayeff
Serge Chermayeff
Harold L. Cohen
Lera Colyer
Ralph Cowan
Eugene Dana
Clark Dean
Ruth (Huendorf) Dean
Designers in Production (DinP), Davis Pratt & Harold L. Cohen
Donald Dimmitt
Iatser Cathline Erickson
Robert Donald Erickson
Leonard Farb
Richard Filipowski
Sumner Fineberg
Henry Gardiner
Robert Genchek
Blanche (Banchik) Gilden
Len Gittleman
Mary Jo (Slick) Godfrey
Eugene Godfrey
Keld Helmer-Petersen
Martin Hurtig
Yasuhiro Ishimoto
Kazimir Karpuszko
Susan Jackson Keig
Elsa Kula
Jean (Kendall) Glaser
Misch Kohn
Richard Koppe
David Arthur Kropp
Gyorgy Kepes
Norman Laliberte
Lawrence Joseph Lange
Mary Ann (Dorr) Lea
June Leaf
Nathan Lerner
William J. LeVier
Raúl Martinez
Lynn (Bright) Martin Windsor
Hiller Masker
Lyle Mayer
Helen McConoughey
Burt Meyer
László Moholy-Nagy
Marvin Newman
Richard Nickel
Robert Nickle
Art Paul
Elmer Ray Pearson
Donald Petitt
Lowell Phillips
Herbert Pinzke
Allen Porter
Davis Pratt
James Prestini
Ralph Rapson
Merry Renk
Charles Reynolds
R. Thomas Schorer
Moses Richard Schultz
Arthur Siegel
Irene Siegel
Art Sinsabaugh
Aaron Siskind
Victor Skrebneski
Kenneth Snelson
Simon Steiner
Donald Stoltenberg
Deborah Sussman
Tadao Takano
Beatrice Takeuchi
Crombie Taylor
Hope (Scrivens) Taylor
Mili Thompson
Stanley Tigerman
Margit Varro
Konrad Wachsmann
Harold Walter
Hugo Weber
David Windsor
Emerson Woelffer