ON VIEW FROM 10/5-11/25

Borders are complicated and multi-layered issues. They define relationships of all kinds: political, economic, national, personal, emotional, spiritual. They delineate neighborhoods, countries, continents as well as marriages, friendships, and contracts. Domchenko writes, "as a child of immigrants, borders have always been important to me. Where we live, where we work, where we play, all define us as individuals and communities. Over the years, borders have and are important markers."

This exhibit presents images of landscapes that unite and define individuals. Whether they are specific in time and place or general in elements and geography, the landscape functions as both home and future, distance and past. The borders presented in these images help create and define the worlds presented. The four artists in this exhibit--Suzette Bross, Susan Collins, Yvette Kaiser Smith, and Lincoln Schatz--all use the visual language of landscapes to present their own visions.

Curated by Natalie Domchenko